Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Jeremy and I recently decided to allow adsense ads onto our blog.  Seemed like a very easy way to make a few extra dollars when we were already blogging.  With ten kids, we can easily put it to good use!  Today we noticed the ad on the side of the blog was a dating ad with some mildly provocative photos.  Oops!  I immediately went into our adsense account and hopefully took the steps necessary to ensure that the ads that show up on our blog are appropriate from now on.  If you ever see anything that isn't, please let us know.  A few extra dollars is obviously not worth having anything inappropriate on our blog!  (:


  1. I saw an ad here that asked me if I had extra fertilized eggs I'd like to donate for IVF. I thought that was an odd ad choice for you guys.

  2. Hi! I'm a long time reader of your blog and check it quite often to see if you've updated. I haven't noticed anything inappropriate so maybe the ads switch often and the bad ad wasn't seen by many people. Everyone that reads your blog can see that you are a kind hearted, sweet family and surely understands that you can't always control the ads that pop up there. I think of the crazy e-mails that come to my junk filter for another example! I hope your family has a great rest of the year! It'll be Christmas before we know it!


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