Friday, October 16, 2015

National White Cane Day

Today is National White Cane Day, so I thought it a perfect time to share Lexi's and Conner's experience last week at Short Term.  Short Term is an overnight program 5-6 times per year where visually impaired kids get together and do all kinds of amazing activities.  It's such a great opportunity to be with kids that face many of the same struggles they do.  The director and counselors there are the best, and our kids have had so many wonderful experiences there.  

This last short term was centered around White Cane Day and how using a cane can help you to become more independent.  I don't know how the director of Short Term pulled it off, but Blessing Offor from The Voice attended with the kids!  He was a fabulous mentor and the kids all loved him.  At the end of Short Term, they had a White Cane Day celebration that the families were invited to.  It was fantastic-- yummy food, informative booths, and a special concert put on by Blessing Offor.  He sang several songs on his own, but the kids also got to be part of the program with cute little speaking parts.  Conner actually got to perform a song on the piano and did a great job.  But the best part was that earlier that day, the kids and Blessing wrote a little song together and performed it for the parents.  Conner got to play the piano with Blessing and Lexi got to sing with the kids.  Jeremy was standing by the piano, so you can't see the other kids in the video-- you'll just have to believe me that they were all adorable.  (:  

Having positive role models for kids is always important, but it's even more special when they have role models that can understand them in ways others cannot.  Blessing was just that-- a big blessing to our kids.  Conner especially enjoyed and was inspired by him.  And we know that Short Term was successful because on Sunday, for the first time ever, Lexi actually ASKED if she could use her cane to walk to church!!  Our kids typically don't like to use their canes because it makes them feel different-- but somehow, the White Cane Day celebration helped her to realize that her cane was a powerful tool in helping her become independent.  She was so proud that she walked to church and back without a sighted guide.  Happy White Cane Day!!!

Conner plays Fur Elise

A snippet of Blessing singing "Hallelujah"

The song that Blessing and the kids wrote together


  1. What an amazing experience for Lexi and Conner. Your playing is so beautiful, Conner. Good job using your cane, Lexi! You rock!

  2. I LOVE to hear Conner play! And, Lexi - oh, the places you can go - independently with your beautiful white cane!! What a wonderful experience for everyone!


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