Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sophia Breanne

I don't know how it happened, but our baby is 7!!!  I think that's as hard for me as the fact that our oldest is 17!  Sweet Sophi's birthday was September 4 and began with an early morning trip to watch the sunrise over Bryce Canyon with Jeremy and Taylor.  Then it was back in the teepee to have her breakfast in bed.  As usual, Sophi wanted Lexi to join her for her birthday breakfast-- those two are pretty inseparable!  After cleaning up camp and exploring a little more, we headed back home with a stop to see (great) Grandma Larsen.  We all love her so much and appreciate any time we get to spend with her.  Then it was on home, where Grandma and Grandpa Nelson had cake waiting.  It was a fun birthday for the Soph Monster.

Sophi started first grade this year and is loving it!  Her teacher, Ms. Poppleton (isn't that the best name ever for a 1st grade teacher?) is darling and her TA, Ms. Dani, could not be any better.  In fact, Sophi often says in the evenings, "I miss Ms. Dani!  I can't wait to see her tomorrow!!"  It is so comforting to send her to a great school with great teachers and great friends.

 Sophi is pretty much the most lovable little person on the planet.  I always tell her that my favorite part of each day is 6:45 in the morning.  We've just finished scriptures with the older kids and it's time for Sophi to wake up.  I love to go and scoop her out of bed, wrap her silky blanket over her, and head to the couch for a little cuddle time before the morning gets too hectic.  Holding her in my arms while she is still so sleepy and warm and yummy is just heaven for me.  Ahhh, I love that girl!

I think I've mentioned it before, but Sophi has (per her request) her own little youtube channel.  She has always loved being on camera, and it's fun to have a place I can keep snippets of her life.  If you'd like to visit it, you can click HERE.

I cannot imagine my life without this precious little girl.  She fills my heart.  I am sure there is no joy on earth above that which I find in being her mother.  I love you, Sophi Malophi!!!

Sophi and cousin Emery love to play with each other!

Sophi and Emery at Lagoon


Roasting marshmallows with China Dad
Birthday girl and Taylor

Birthday breakfast

First day of school

Look what Sophi caught!


  1. Sophi, you are amazing and a daily inspiration! And is it possible for you to take a non-adorable picture? I don't think so! (And yes, Ms. Poppleton IS the best name for a 1st grade's like something you'd read in a book.)


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