Friday, November 11, 2016

Help needed! (:

LAST DAY TO VOTE!!! So... we've been checking out the page views for the other videos in the Social Finance Inc, contest and we are about 600 behind first place. That's a lot of views! And yet, if we could find 100 people to each get 10 people to vote, that's 1,000 votes! We could do this-- we could win $150,000! Remember, voting only takes 1-2 minutes, and if everyone in your family votes that makes it so much better!!! It's crazy to be just a few hundred votes away from such an amazing prize!  (:

:Again, our goal for today is 1,000 votes-- can you help us reach it? One of the best ways is to have everyone in your family vote and then share! Or perhaps you know someone with a big following that would share this for us. We'd love if you comment here after you vote so we can show our kids. They have been having so much fun with this! We are so grateful for such great friends and that tomorrow, we can stop bugging you.!  (: (: (: 

Click HERE  to vote.  After you vote, they will send you a confirmation email and you have to verify it in order for your vote to count.  But no worries, you will not be on their email list unless you check the box to do so.  


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  1. Last night, I forwarded Jeremy's recent email appeal to over 100 of my own email contacts. I have received personal responses from six, including one from my former Finnish Mission president, Mark Anderson, who has forwarded the appeal, along with his personal recommendation, to his contact list consisting of around 200 people (my estimate--the list was too long for me to actually take the time to count). Another response, from a former Sunday School pupil of mine, indicated that he would get the word out to his contacts, of which I would guess there are many dozens. I am continuing to fast all day on your behalf. Why? Because you deserve it . . . and I love you!


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