Monday, December 12, 2016

Dear Elli...

Oh, how we love you!  Your sweet hugs, your forceful kisses, your ebullient belly laughs, your calls for Daddy or Mommy or Sophi or Graci or whichever other sibling you are moved to reach out to; all of these are part of the crazy melange of sounds and conversation that makes our home truly unique.  Thank you for your contribution to it.

On the other can occasionally make things a bit challenging.  When your contribution to the cacophony consists of an enraged scream lasting minutes and more minutes, well, it's a tad less welcome ;).  Fortunately, those times are less common than the others.

Perhaps what keeps on our toes the most is your propensity to explore.  We're all amazed by your brilliance in navigating the house without sight.  You never fear to go anywhere.  Conner frequently reminds us what a genius you are.  He is particularly impressed with your ability to dismantle pretty much any item you come in contact.  I am amazed at your capability of seeking out brave new hiding places.  (Here's a link to several posts about Elli's inventive ways.)

This weekend you outdid yourself.  First it was the toilet.  Graci was helping you use the bathroom.  You were determined not to be helped.  In this battle for supremacy, you won!  Pushing backwards, you destroyed the toilet tank, flooded the floor, and, since Graci had never dealt with a water issue before and didn't understand the importance of turning off the source as quickly as possible, flooded the room beneath as well.  Clearly, you are the boss!

Next, it was the window in your room.  I'm guessing you decided: "If I can't see out of it, no one can!!!"  Having already (months ago) destroyed the blinds that we purchased at an exorbitant price so they would be in between the panes of glass!?!, you figured that wasn't enough and destroyed the inner pane itself.  Once again, you win.  I had to board up the window.  And 5 minutes later I came back and you were further testing the boundaries...

Finally, when I came down to check on you last night, you decided to show just how capable you are at "going where no one has gone before."  (Dad's a bit of a Trekkie!)  How you got into this position I have no idea.  How you expected to get out, I'm not sure either.  But one way or the other, you continue to provide all of us many smiles and head scratching moments.

Elli, thanks for all you do for our family.  I hope you understand us every night after family prayer when each of says, "I love you, Elli!"  We're so glad you continue to respond with, "I love you, family!"

Love, Dad


  1. It's too bad her ingeniousness can't be bottled! You picked a charming, funny way to describe what often must be an overwhelmingly difficult situation. I do love her fierce hugs and belly better sound in the world.

  2. Aah, the power of love. Even mighty impatience cannot withstand the power of love.


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