Friday, December 9, 2016

Basketball Road Trip

Taylor and Parker are both playing on the varsity basketball team this year.  So fun!!!  They are 3-1 so far, with a very good team.  Way to go, guys:)  Last weekend they went to a tournament in Duchesne, Utah, about a 2 hour drive from us.  Sophi, Cali and I went out Friday night and came home Saturday.  Christi's parents also stayed at the same hotel.  We got adjoining rooms, which Sophi thought was quite magical.  We went swimming and ate at restaurants and watched the boys play two basketball games.  It was a great weekend!

Saturday morning we had some free time so we took a scenic drive through some beautiful country.  As we passed through the tiny town of Altamont, we noticed a sign at the local diner that Santa was there.  Sophi was so excited!  I'm a lucky dad to have such fun kids to travel with:)


Back from a dip in the world's warmest swimming pool!

Sophi wanted to check out the exercise room:)

One happy camper:)

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