Friday, June 9, 2017

A New Park!

The city of Bluffdale recently opened a brand new and beautiful park.  It has great slides, swings and other playground equipment.  It also has a huge splash park area.  They located it conveniently about half way between our house and the home of my younger brother Tyler.  We visited the park on a day that followed several days of heavy rain, so in addition to the splash park, there was a natural pond that kids had a blast playing in.  Our kids loved meeting their cousins there.

Uncle Tyler powers the teeter totter. 
Sophi and her cousin Lilly

I think Ben may have had it at this point:)

This one sure loves to pose!!!

Jesi invited one of her best friends.


  1. I've always believed that a good, accessible park is a wise use of public funds. And, Jeremy, I still feel sad about that time when you were about two years old and, in my enthusiasm, I accidentally pushed you off the swing onto the ground at Hancock Park in NE Portland. If you sense any latent aversion to park swings, that could be the reason.

  2. So fun! I remember many fun family home evening's spent at Glenhaven Park with the curly slide. Glad you are making memories.


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