Saturday, June 10, 2017

Xander's First Overnight Backpacking Trip

A couple of weeks ago I had the fantastic opportunity to go with Xander's scout troop on an overnight hiking trip.  This was Xander's first backpacking campout, so we kept his pack relatively light at 22 pounds.  We went to Fifth Water Hot Springs in Diamond Fork Canyon.  The hike itself was beautiful.  We went in about 3 miles with an elevation gain of about 800 feet, so not too steep.  Once we set up camp, we enjoyed soaking in the natural spring water.  It was a bit slimy, but lots of fun!  Xander did very well and is excited to try some more aggressive trips with Dad and his older brothers later this summer.  I love the outdoors!

Learning from the scoutmaster.

That's my hammock:)

I wish it could capture the beauty of the falls.

I love the snow capped mountains peeking out in the background!

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