Monday, September 22, 2008

2:15 Update

They are almost finished with the work on her heart! They have finished the patch on the VSD. they have attached the new valve to her heart and are in the process of sewing the blood vessel to her pulmonary artery. Then they will sew her back up. the nurse estimates another 1.5 hours. Good luck Graci!


  1. Oh, you are in my prayers!!!! May the Lord bring her surgery to a close successfully and give her a very smooth recovery!

    Kristi Q. - fellow Heritage family
    travelling in 2 wks to get our second child (minor heart defect)

  2. Wow! What a day for sweet Graci. I remember the day my dad got a new valve. She is sure a tough girl. I have thought about you all day. Hang in there. Hope Jeremy starts feeling better too.

  3. Oh I can't even imagine waiting at the hospital. Waiting at home is hard enough for me! And I have plenty of distractions. Good luck you guys.

  4. Sending many prayers to your family and Graci. Wishing for a fast and easy recovery.
    Mom to Pu (Ryan David)from the Heritage Autumn list and three beaustiful girls born in China!


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