Monday, September 22, 2008

3:15 update

They are all done with the work on her heart. They are now doing an echocardiogram to ensure that the blood flow is all correct. If everything looks good, they will close her up. If all is good, she should be done fairly soon. Thanks for all of your prayers. She has done very well!


  1. Yea!!!!! We are so glad so is doing so well. How is Jeremy feeling? Love you all!

  2. We are very happy that everything is going so well! We hope that she recovers quickly so that she can drink water, like she wanted to do last time. That's so neat that she got to talk to her Chinese mom & dad before the surgery. Are you going to have Graci start taking Chinese lessons? We also hope that Jeremy gets feeling better so that he can go into the PICU.

  3. Ahhh. Can't wait for the final update (well final of her surgery)! I wish we could help out more!

  4. Hello Wonderful Jeremy and Chistianne!

    What would the world be like without you two? It is actually a sobering thought. What? No Taylor and Parker to delight us with their jokes and brilliance and outrageous ideas and sports activities and strong testimonies. Oh, and giggles and kindnesses. And no Jessica? Why the very earth might stop spinning. And dear, dear Elli who has taught us all so much. Just to hold her is to feel a little bit of heaven. And bubbly, crazy Graci. Oh how I love her. I am fasting and praying for her success. I know that she is in the hands of the Lord and that He knows what is best for her. How lucky we are to be your parents. And to know of your unselfish goodness. Love, love, love to all. Allen and Rosemary


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