Monday, September 22, 2008

We've spoken with the surgeon

Graci is nearly done-- she is still in the OR because they are fixing an IV line, but she should be getting settled into the PICU shortly and we should be able to see her in about 30 minutes. (: Everything has gone well. She is stable and they were able to accomplish everything they wanted to do. They will, of course, be monitoring her very closely because of various risks, such as infection, bleeding, complications with the blood flow to the lungs, etc.

We are VERY HAPPY and relieved that she has come this far. As we've said many times, we appreciate every prayer offered in her behalf. Jeremy is still feeling under the weather, but has been told if he scrubs well and wears a mask he can come with me to see her. (: (: (:

This may be our last post for a few hours-- we'll see how things go in the PICU. Love you all!



  1. We are all so happy Graci is this far along. Taylor, Parker and Jessica were grinning from ear to ear. Jessica jumped up and down, clapped her hands and basically shouted for joy. Parker and Taylor are so happy and relieved. Jesi says to tell Graci "I love you 4guuuy5uuyyutiyuy4iyuiuytyiut5yuyuuu5uy
    o5iotiotoitoi5io55uiiuiuiuiuu" Jessica typed this just for her. We love you Mommy and Daddy.

  2. Yea! We are so happy she is done with the surgery! Now it's just the days and weeks of recovery to follow!!! Good luck with everything. We love you.

  3. Great news for a great family! We are glad this much is behind you! We will keep you all in our prayers! We love you!

  4. Prayers answered - please give her a hug for us when the time is right, and have a hug for each other too! We're pulling and praying for you guys!

    aus and family

  5. So glad everything is going well. It sounds like it has been a very long day. Hang in there - we are praying for you!


  6. Thanks for keeping us updated! We have been praying that everything would go well for Graci! Good Luck!!


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