Friday, December 6, 2013

Climb Every Mountain

Wherever you fall on the "should they have or shouldn't they have" scale regarding the live TV musical version of The Sound of Music, you must admit it was an ambitious undertaking!  We watched just a little of it (after swim lessons and two basketball games!).  I was impressed with the sets, the singing, some of the acting, and just the sheer guts it takes to perform a 3-hour program on live TV.  Today I found a clip of Climb Every Mountain on the web.  I was very moved and watched it several times.  I've no idea how many times I've heard that song over the years.  It is, of course, beautiful.  (As a wannabe songwriter I am pretty much in awe of Rogers and Hammerstein.)  But I really listened to the words for the first time today.  And how they fit my life!

Climb every mountain,
Search high and low,
Follow every byway,
Every path you know.

Climb every mountain,
Ford every stream,
Follow every rainbow,
'Till you find your dream.

A dream that will need
All the love you can give,
Every day of your life
For as long as you live!

We have climbed (and continue to climb) so many mountains, forded streams and raging rivers, literally crossed oceans and ice fields to find our dream.  To find our calling in life.  And it is certainly a dream that needs all the love we can give every day of our lives for as long as we live.  It has been a most unexpected and unique path we have taken.  And one I am grateful for every day.  (And one that I'm sure Maria Von Trapp can understand pretty well;)

I was moved to tears by this rendition.  I hope you enjoy it!  (Regardless of what you thought of this version of the story, this lady can flat out sing!!!)



  1. I wish I'd gotten to see the performance. Will have to look for clips online as you did. Have y'all read the books "The Trapp Family Singers" and "A Family on Wheels" by the real Maria? The movie and stage performance are just the beginning of the story. I loved them. They'd be good reading for the whole family. Maria was a sweet and beautiful lady.

  2. That is my favorite movie of all time so I just couldn't watch the TV version and have it (inevitably) not measure up and irritate me for three hours. So I'm glad you sent the clip because that woman can sing! Gorgeous!

  3. That's Audra McDonald and YES, she can sing! We saw her in concert at BYU this fall. I've been a fan of hers for 15 years since I first heard her on the Ragtime Broadway Cast recording.

    Sadly I missed all of this tv event but I'm sure the marketing folks will have ways for us to see it for a price. So I'll probably catch it that way.


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