Friday, December 6, 2013

It Works

Jesi came into the kitchen before school yesterday.  I was making lunches and she wanted my attention.    "Mm-hmm."….."MM-HMM."…."MM-HMMM!!!"  Finally I turned and looked at her.  Prettty sure she was seeking my delight in some aspect of her appearance, I quickly evaluated her getup to figure out what it might be.  Aha!  "Jesi, your hair is SOOOOO beautiful!  I love the curls.  It looks fantastic."  Satisfied with my level of 'blown-away-ness' she cal my responded.  "I make it work, don't I."

Go, Jess.  You do, indeed, make it work!

Love you, darling,


Of course as soon as she heard the word "picture," Lexi wanted to be involved, too!

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  1. Work it, Jess. Lexi, I love that you love to have your picture taken and will share your smile anytime, anywhere!


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