Friday, December 6, 2013

Talented Toes

Please don't think that the number of posts about Sophi is an indication of us loving her more than the others!   Believe me, there is no lack of love going on in this home.  (:  Her cute factor is definitely high right now though!    The other day, Sophi was given a hamburger for her lunch.  I turned on the TV, put her lunch on the table, and went into the office to do something on the computer.  About 20 minutes later, Sophi came in carrying this:

She hadn't wanted to finish her hamburger.  So she had gotten down from the table, found a tupperware container and lid, put the hamburger in the container, put the lid back on correctly, opened the drawer with lunch bags, retrieved her lunch bag, unzipped it, put the tupperware inside, zipped it back up, found an empty grocery bag, put the lunch bag in the grocery bag, tied the grocery bag shut, and carried in to me to "save for later."

All with her cute little feet.  

Way to go, Sophi!  (:


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